In its more than hundred years of history remonte has undergone some changes, starting with the basket itself and the materials which it is manufactured with.

There are two types of baskets in remonte: the one that is used by the player in the back has its arc greater because they are better able to win the comeback of the ball, and the one that is used by the player that is in the front, usually stronger players, prefer little bent baskets, as the hit the ball harder and with more precision.

Frame construction:


Fiberglass filament (before chestnut wood) impregnated with epoxy resin is used.

The work is done on molds, one for the player in the front and the other for the one in the back.

Placing the wooden block and wires to the frame

Placing ash wooden block in the frame and hold the five wires that make the mold support the structure of the wooden ribs. The wooden block is bolted to the frame with 4 mm screws.

Build the wooden structure

There are 13 wooden ribs for the structure (7 straight and 6 curved ribs).

These ribs are made of chestnut wood and must have an appropriate hardness and humidity to curve and mold them to the wires.

The tools used are a normal knife and an iron brush for wood made by a craftsman.

Basket weaving

The material used for weaving the basket is polypropylene tape width of 4.75 mm x 0.45 mm in thickness (before rush). There are often used as 100 meter tape.

The tools used are a punch to tighten and a special curved gouge. As the basket is being weaved, the wires that have been used to make the structure are removed.

Glove placement

A leather glove is sewn to the basket after it is weaved.

The glove is placed according to needs and taste of each player.


During the visit to Galarreta Fronton you can see how the baskets and balls currently used are manufactured following traditional methods.