All balls that are used to play remonte in Galarreta Fronton are made by hand and weight between 127 and 132 grams each.


The bolus

It is the core of the ball. It is the only part that is machined and is made of synthetic and resistant materials such as fiber and silicone.

The bolus weighs between 83 and 92 grams. The higher the bolus the more bounces the ball.

Thread and pine resin

The bolus is covered with thread and then smeared on pine resin to harden the union. After this process, the ball should weigh about 118 grams.


4 leather coats are manually sewn to the ball, and each leather coat weighs about 3 grams. Thus, the ball ends up weighing about 130 grams.

With the use, these leather coats are damaged or broken by the side of the seam so you can remove these coats and redo the ball by sewing new ones.