Show and tradition

Remonte is one of the most spectacular games of Basque Pelota with basket where prevails the technique and the astonishing speed used by the player to hit the ball (pelota) with his basket. The Basque Pelota is one of the most popular sports in the Basque Country. With ancient origins, it is strongly rooted in the Basque culture and has a large following.


  • Matches are played until 40 or 35 points. The two teams are distinguished by blue and red colours and each team is composed of two players.
  • The ball can reach speeds of 210 km/h.
  • This spectacle is played in a fronton, which is 56m long, 10m wide and 10m high.
  • The ball and the tool used to play this sport are made by hand by artisans unique in the world.