Guided tours


Feel a player for one day!

We invite you to come down the court and live with one of our players the speed of the ball and the feeling of having put a basket in hand. We will explain how to play and how baskets and balls of the most spectacular game of pelota are handmade.

The visit consists of an explanation of how the Fronton is and its history, how the regulation of remonte is and explain how to play it, go down the court and experience the feeling of getting a basket and play around with the ball. A professional player will explain how to use the basket and he will make a demonstration to see the speed that the ball takes. In addition, a quick explanation of the way of making baskets and balls as well as the traditional system of betting brokers.


Conditions of visit

Until the same day at 12 noon.

15:15h to 16:15h approximately (then you can stay there as long as you want watching the matches that begin at 16h and end at about 20h).

Every Thursday and Saturday. From late July to mid-September (summer) also Tuesdays.

Development of the visit

Brief introduction about the history of remonte and the Galarreta Fronton.

Entry to the court to see how the baskets and the balls are, pick them up and use them, explain how to play and show the hit by a player to see the speed that the ball takes.

Explanation and demonstration of how the baskets and the balls are made. History of how they were before and how they are now (shapes, materials…).

Explanation of how the betting system works with brokers and making a small bet (2€ per person)* in the counter for the second game (in favour of blue or red).

*The bet will be done with the money they pay for entry, they do not have to put an extra as the other customers.